Musharaka IPO Fund

Inception Date 02/11/2014
Valuation Date 02/07/2020
Unit Price 7.4888
Nominal Price 10
Change Percentage (From Inception) -25.11%
Change Percentage (Year-To-Date) -7.51%

Asset Management

The Investment Fund Management at Musharaka Capital undertakes a leading role in the company's activity in order to achieve the goals set by working on management of the clients’ investment in very high efficiency and professionalism.

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The custody department maintains custody of our clients’ assets, data and contracts, and administers the necessary related corporate actions. In keeping with a set of high quality policies and procedures, we ensure that the required processes of the concerned investment vehicles are carried out in a smooth and transparent manner that empowers the confidence of our investors.

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In a rapidly changing world, the timely availability of information can make the difference between an opportunity seized at the right moment, and one forever lost.

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Arranging & Investment Banking

"Musharaka Capital" provides an array of comprehensive financial, and investment services and solutions to enhance its clients' business growth and to help them achieve their current and future investments' goals.

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