Our Mission

Conduct our role as an investment manager with the highest standard of quality and transparency through an experienced team who are able to accomplish company and client's investments objectives.

Our Vision

To achieve excellence in Asset Management through the offering of attractive and innovative investment opportunities and financial advisory services to our clients and to obtain leadership both locally and regionally.

Our Values

Professionalism :
Our commitment to professional standards is a fundamental pillar of all our businesses and activities.

Transparency :
Musharaka clients are kept updated on their investments through regular management, performance and forecast reports.

Integrity and professional ethics :
Musharaka working style adhere to business professional ethics and the highest level of integrity of all levels within the company.

Innovation :
Innovation is a key driver for growth in prosperous economies that offer a wide variety of investment vehicles. This is why we, at Musharaka, strive or excellence and innovation in all our businesses

Efficiency :
Our team’s wide-ranging investment and asset management expertise allows us to meet the objectives of our clients and effectively manage their investments according to their risk appetites.