Asset Management

The Investment Fund Management at Musharaka Capital undertakes a leading role in the company's activity in order to achieve the goals set by working on management of the clients’ investment in very high efficiency and professionalism.

By following the best ways in the management of the investment funds based on the achievement of returns for clients with ongoing management of the investment risks, Musharaka Capital contributes to raising the level of the local investment services and provide innovative investment products taking into account the diversity of investment objectives for its customers.

And Musharaka Capital Company deals with Saudi Exchange Market "Tadawul".

Real estate investment funds
Based on our understanding of the influencing factors of the Saudi real estate sector and the reality of our sense of the important role that should be played by the private sector, especially investment companies and asset management to support the orientations of the Kingdom of housing-related and provide innovative initiatives that contribute to access this vital sector to the point of balance.

So, Musharaka Capital and through management of real estate investment realizes that the changing demographics must be met by initiatives that contribute to bridging the gap between demand and supply. And on the other hand, you see that in all the vital need there is an opportunity to be exploited by the launch of real estate funds considering the actual needs of the market and take upon themselves setting up real estate distinguished projects easily marketed with satisfactory returns for their clients.